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A Quick Guide to Quick Release Couplings (QRC )

A Quick Release Coupling (Also called a Quick Disconnect Coupling) is type of Hose coupling, which can connect and disconnect extremely quickly without the use of any tools.

The Basic Quick Release Coupling consists of 2 parts or halves, The Male Half also called an Adapter/Probe/ Plug/Nipple, and a Female half also called as a Coupler/Socket.

The quick Connection and disconnection is achieved by way of a ball catching mechanism wherein the ball on the Female half Latches onto the Groove on the male half when the locking sleeve is retracted. This creates and instantaneous connection.

The are 3 main Varieties of Quick Release Coupling, Depending on their design and application.

1) With Double Shutoff or Double check valve design:

In the Double shutoff/Double check valve design, Both the Coupler and Adapter have an internal valve which automatically seals on disconnection thereby preventing any loss of fluid in the hose.   The Double Shutoff/Double check valve type Quick Release Coupling are of the Following types

  • A) ISO 7241 A Design: ISO 7241 A type/Compliant Quick Release Couplings are Popular in Agricultural applications and More popular in Europe.
  • B) ISO 7241 B Design: ISO 7241 B Type/Compliant Quick Release Couplings are more Popular in North America and in Chemical or Oil and Gas Industry.
  • c) ISO 16028 or Flat Face QRC: These Couplings have a flat sealing surface and are popular in impulse applications and Agricultural Hydraulic Equipment.

2) Without Valve or Straight Through Quick Release Coupling:

In this type of Quick Release Coupling, the Coupler and adapter have no Internal Valve which allows free flow of media through the coupling with minimal pressure drop. These Type of Couplings are useful when high flow rates are required. The Only Disadvantage of such Couplings is that when they are disconnected, there may be a leak of fluids/media present in the hose or pipe.

3) With Single Shut off/ Single check valve:

In this type of Quick Release Coupling, there is an internal valve only in the Coupler. When the adapter is disconnected, the flow with shut off from the coupler. This type of Quick Release Coupling is useful for pneumatic application where the Air flow is required only in one direction.

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