Claw Coupling

Claw Coupling


  • Chicago type Universal Claw Couplings is a type Coupling used for pneumatic and water hoses.
  • The distinct feature of this coupling is the universal/identical head from sizes ¼” to 1”. This enables any two coupling to be directly connected regardless of hose or thread size.
  • These couplings have two lugs (claws) each, which engage in the corresponding notches of the opposite half. This enables them to be connected easily by hand.

Sizes Available

  • ¼” to 1” size- In 2 lug design
  • 1 ¼”,1 ½” and 2”- In 4 Lug design

Material Grades

Sr No Description Grade
1) Carbon Steel ASTM A216 WCA/WCB
2) Low Temperature Carbon Steel ASTM A352 LCA/LCB
3) Stainless steel ASTM A351 CF8M(SS316), CF3M(SS316L), CF8( SS304), CF3(SS304L)
4) Duplex & Super Duplex Steel Against Specific Inquires

All Our Universal Claw Couplings meet or exceed the pressure requirements of Mil Spec-A-A-59553