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A Basic Guide to Camlock Coupling

A Basic Guide to Camlock Coupling


A Camlock Coupling is a popular Hose Type of Hose or Pipe Coupling which is frequently used in transfer of Media such as liquids, Powders, Granules Etc.

The camlock Coupling establishes a Straight through Connection which allows easy flow of the material which is to be transferred

Basic Structure & Operation

The Basic Camlock Coupling Consists of 2 parts-The Male half which is also called an Adapter and a Female half which is also called a Coupler. The Two halves can be joined by hand by Simply inserting the Adapter into the Coupler And closing the cam arms which lock the Two together. This can be done by Hand, without any tools.

Due to the Ease of Operation & Cost-effective ness, The Camlock Coupling is one of the most widely used type of Hose or Pipe Coupling used in the world today.

Types of Camlock Coupling

The main Types OF Camlock Coupling are as follows

  • Type A: Adapter with Female NPT/BSP Threads
  • Type B: Coupler with Male NPT/BSP Threads
  • Type C: Coupler with Hose tail/Hose bard
  • Type D: Coupler with Female NPT/BSP Thread
  • Type E: Adapter with Hose tail/Hose barb.
  • Type F: Adapter With BSP/ NPT Male thread.
  • Type DC: Dust cap.
  • Type DP: Dust plug

Besides these Types of Camlocks there are other possible Type which are not very Common.

  • Coupler with Socketweld or Buttweld Ends.
  • Adapter with Socketweld or Buttweld ends.
  • Coupler with Flanged ends as per ASME B 16.5, BS 10, Din Etc
  • Adapter with Flanged End as per ASME B 16.5, BS 10, Din Etc.
  • Coupler with Reducing Size.
  • Adapter with Reducing Size.
  • Spool Coupler and Adapter.

 All These type of Camlock coupling are Available here 

Why Use camlock Couplings

1) Easy to use: Camlock Couplings Require no tools to assemble. They can simply be connected by Hand.

2) Durable: Due to their Simple design, Camlock Couplings are durable with minimal maintenance.

3) Reliable: Camlock Couplings are designed to be connected and disconnected frequently. They are extremely reliable to use.

4) Variety of End connections: Camlock Couplings come in a variety of end connections Viz Male and female threads, Hose tail/Hose Bard, Flanged ends as per ASME B 16.5,BS 10 Table A,B,C,D,E,F, Socket Weld as per ASME B 16.11, Buttweld as per Scdhedule 40,80, Etc.  Hence they are suitable for a variety of Applications.

Application of Camlock Coupling

1) Fuel/Oil– Camlock Couplings have become the standard Hose coupling for transfer of fuel and Oil n Industries.

2) Water treatment and sewage plants– Camlock Couplings are Widely used for transfer of waste water and Sewage in water treatment plants

3) Chemicals– Camlock Couplings re used for transfer of Chemicals.

4) Military and Government– Camlock Couplings are widely used in Military applications due to international Standardization and Ease of use.

5) Paints, Dye and Ink Industries– Paints, Dye , Inks require Frequent Connection and disconnection of hoses. Hence Camlock couplings are the preferred Hose Couplings in this Industries.

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