Inconel 625 Camlock Coupling


  • Inconel 625 Camlock Coupling Available in sizes ¾” to 8”
  • All types of camlock Viz A,B,C,D,E,F and Dust Cap/Plug available
  • Available in grade Inconel 625: ASTM A494 CW6MC
  • All Inconel 625 Camlock Couplings are NACE MR 0175 Compliant by standard.
  • All Items are Heat treated to Achieve Ideal Chemical & mechanical properties and Corrosion resistance.
  • Coupler and adapter available flanged to ASA 150#, 300#, BS 10 , DIN/EN standard Etc.
  • Buttweld, Socket weld, Machined or smooth Hose tail, Crimping hose tail end connections available.
  • Available in Small Quantities.
  • 100% factory tested before supply.


  • Inconel 625 Camlock Couplings available with PTFE lining for added chemical resistance.

Jay enterprises the Inconel 625 Camlock coupling are high-quality camlock these are corrosion-resistant nickel-chromium superalloy known for their high standard performance even in harsh environments. Our manufacturers of Inconel camlock coupling put advanced manufacturing techniques and strict quality control processes to ensure that their Inconel camlock couplings meet the demand satisfactorily of various industries such as aerospace, chemical processing, oil and gas, and marine applications.

Inconel 625 camlock couplings are designed to provide secure and leak-proof connections between hoses, pipes, and other equipment. Manufacturers of Inconel camlock couplings offer a heavy range of sizes, configurations, and end connections to suit different applications.